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Competitive sport
Course de La 1000 Pattes

This colourful annual sporting event brings together children aged 5 to 10 years for fun and timed competitions.

Children, parents and coaches meet for the 1000 Paws Race
This race is the biggest gathering of young skiers in France!
For the 35th edition of this colourful event, Montgenèvre welcomes over 1000 children. They will compete, over a weekend, in several disciplines and courses, both timed and fun.
Saturday is reserved for entertainment and Sunday for sporting events.

Each participating club is invited to dress up on a theme chosen from a letter of the alphabet (as a reminder, for the 35th Mille Pattes, the letter chosen is the letter B).

NEW: For the final year’s Mille Pattes runners (Red Course), there will be a second run for the first 30 girls and the first 30 boys of the first run .
The final 1000 Pattes Race ranking will be the total of the 2 runs for the first 30 (girls, boys).
Important: This extra race will only be organised if safety conditions allow it (track conditions, snow conditions, etc.) and if we are on time with regard to the first place parade and prize giving times, information will be given at the end of the race of the first heat. In this second run all participating riders will be ranked, including those who drop out or are disqualified during this second run. They will be ranked according to their results in the first heat behind those ranked in both heats.

A coming

Alpine 2013 – Giant (Red course): from €20
Alpin 2014 – Giant (Blue course): from €20
Alpin 2015 – Giant (Green course): from €20
Alpin 2016 – Giant (Yellow course): from €20
The 1001 Moguls (fun course – not timed): from €10
From Saturday 1st to Sunday 2 April 2023 between 7 am and 7 pm.
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