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Monday special

The sled attached to a monorail rolls down
1400 meters of descent over 300 meters of vertical drop:
the longest run in France

Unique sensations guaranteed for young and old!

It is attached to a monorail and it is the longest run in France. It can reach the maximum speed of 60 km / h, but the speeds observed are of the order of 30-40 km / h. An average descent time of around 3 minutes ...

The circuit winds through the forest, linking curves and faster parts, before crossing the two tunnels and reaching the finish area. The track is lit for night descents in winter.


Single price: 7€ 50

Autonomous Board of Ski Lifts

Building Le Forum Place de l'Obélisque 05100 Montgenèvre
+33 (0) 4 92 21 91 73