Winter is coming, discover what's new

Winter is coming, discover what's new

Development of the Pharo track

In order to improve the safety and comfort of skiers, we have carried outdevelopment of the last bend of the Pharo track, in the Chalvet sector.Track width has been increasedapproximately 50% at the level of the narrowest passage, andthe slope has been redesignedto remove the breaks in the relief and become regular.

Aménagement de la piste Pharo - Hiver 2022 2023 - Montgenèvre

Digitalization of ski pass sales

We continue to work on the digitalization of the customer journey, toimprove the comfort of buying ski passes. For it,a new 24-hour sales area is being created at the Obelisk, with 4 latest-generation machines. An additional machine will be installed at the Chalmettes counter. The deployment of these terminals, in addition to those of the Espace Prarial already installed last year, will allow skiers towithdraw ski passes throughout the village.

The Tremplin departure area will be equipped with two machines delivering ski passes for the day, in a closed room.

Finally, from this year,100% of packages will be encoded on unlimited refillable and reusable media.

Nouvelle Caisses Automatiques - Remontées Mécaniques de Montgenèvre

A new signage

We are continuing to modernize signage in the ski area. In particular, we have installed4 orientation tables at the top of Chalvet and Gondrans, to illustrate the geography of our region. We have also changedthe entrance gate to the Beginner's Areadu Front de Neige, to further enhance this exceptional site which allows you to learn about skiing in complete safety. Finally, we will installa photo frame between the arrivals of the TMX Serre-Thibaud and the TSF Rocher Rouge, to highlight Mont Chaberton, the highest peak in the town of Montgenèvre, in your photos.

Nouvelle Signalétique - Domaine Skiable de Montgenèvre

Rendez-vous le plus tôt possible les weekends de novembre, et tous les jours à partir du 3 décembre ! ❄️❄️❄️

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